Wednesday, June 20, 2007

These people are clowns

Via TPMmuckraker. Just one more demonstration of how thoroughly incompetent and clueless everything about this administration is. They do NOTHING with any sense, and they don't learn.

From a State Department Press Briefing:

Question: How may Arabic speakers with 3/3 levels of proficiency are currently serving at Embassy Baghdad?

Answer: We currently have ten Foreign Service Officers (including the Ambassador) at Embassy Baghdad at or above the 3 reading / 3 speaking level in Arabic. An additional five personnel at Embassy Baghdad have tested at or above the 3 level in speaking. A 3/3 indicates a general professional fluency level.

The Baghdad Embassy. Out of 1000 employees at the Bagdhad Embassy, TEN can read and speak Arabic fluently. Another 5 can speak it.

SIX YEARS after 9/11, and four years after starting a WAR there. Ten out of a THOUSAND.


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