Monday, June 25, 2007

This just in...

Dick Cheney is now claiming that the Executive Branch itself is not part of the Executive Branch, his name is not Dick Cheney, and he is not the Vice-President, but the Lord Of All Humanity, and the Third Baseman for the 1899 Cleveland Spiders.

Polls show that 28% of Americans believe him.

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Ted W said...

First of all we all know that Cheney is a first class, royal ass. No question about it. However, my problem is that the Democrats rather than directly challenge his assertion that he is exempt from national security disclosure, will politic the issue by stripping funds. Do they really think that Bush and Co. won't be able to fund Cheney's office? I'd much prefer to see the Dems fight the issue directly and in the court of public opinion. A basics civics class teaches you that the VP is part of the executive branch.

I, as so many others, desperately want to see Bush and Cheney's day of reckoning. They seem to break the law and distort the constitution daily. Why can nothing be done about it? And why don't the Democrats seem willing to sell out to stop them? That is the single most frustrating thing about the Bush administration to me, not what Bush is willing to do, but what the Democrats are not willing to do to stop him.