Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wingnuts freaking out

WingNut Daily is just FURIOUS because the official caption on the photo of Mary Cheney's and Heather Poe's new baby calls them "parents." (I kid you not. If wingnuts aren't bursting a blood vessel over SOMETHING, they aren't happy.)

Let's see if Cheney - who has gone BALLISTIC whenever any Democrat has even MENTIONED Mary Cheney, however respectfully - says ANYTHING when right-wingers actively attack and smear his daughter and her partner

I'm betting not.

VP's lesbian caption ignites 'sinful' fury

White House calls Mary Cheney, Heather Poe 'parents' of new baby
© 2007

It was just a few words in the fine print under a news release photograph of Vice President Dick Cheney, his wife Lynne and their newborn grandson, Samuel David Cheney, but it has Christian organizations praying for the sins of the administration.

The caption included the words: "...His parents are the Cheneys' daughter Mary, and her partner, Heather Poe. White House photo by David Bohrer."

"I say shame on the White House, shame on the president and shame on the vice president for allowing such a caption to be 'officially' added onto the White House website and such a beautiful photo of two happy grandparents and their new grandchild," said Stephen Bennett, founder of Stephen Bennett Ministries, which advocates for those who choose to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

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