Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ron Paul, The Candidate With Two First Names, has been tried and found guilty of telling the truth. And there is NOTHING that pisses off Republicans more than telling the truth.

Now, I don't like Ron Paul. His economic ideas were pronounced dead at the end of the Gilded Age. But they appear to have risen from the grave, joined the legions of the undead and are now animating Ron Paul's body. But despite that, he's dead right on Iraq.

Here's the video of Ron Paul telling the truth and Rudy Giuliani (R-Total Asshole) almost pissing in his pants at the sheer effrontery. And the right-wing extremists in attendance, of course, getting all happy about it. (No surprise there - in the same debate, they also cheered torture.)

And now - just to show what a big tent they all have - the head of the Michigan GOP wants to get Ron Paul banned from future debates.

Republicans. They have no idea what in the hell they actually believe in. But nothing pisses them off more than the idea that someone may actually believe anything else.

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jordan bailey said...

Great post! I can understand Giuliani having an emotional reaction, since he was right there on 9/11, but how anyone can still beleive that this war is about anything other than money and Bush's ego is beyond me.