Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well, when we said 'succeed,' we didn't exactly mean 'succeed.'

WASHINGTON — U.S. military leaders in Iraq are increasingly convinced that most of the broad political goals President Bush laid out early this year in his announcement of a troop buildup will not be met this summer and are seeking ways to redefine success.

Everytime I look at this the sheer incompetence of these morons still astounds me.

"But some counterinsurgency advisors to Petraeus have said it was never realistic to expect that Iraqis would reach agreement on some of their most divisive issues after just a few months of the American troop buildup."

Then why were we told otherwise? Are these idiots STILL making decisions on the basis of their pie-in-the-sky wishes instead of on reality?

Not only are they incompetent - THEY DON'T LEARN.

"The new command has realized that there will be no quick national-level deal on the key issues, said the senior military officer in Baghdad.

"You are talking about Sunnis who had power and Shiites who have power forgetting about what happened over the last 30 years," the officer said. "How easy is that going to be?"

Can I hear a big "No shit" from the audience?

Read that sentence and realize that everybody else in the world realized that going in.

And everybody else TOLD them that going in.


How worthless are these people?

How worthless must you be to be surprised by something that everyone else knew and everyone else told you about?

How many more Americans have to die because of their idiocy?

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