Monday, October 02, 2006

The United States is setting a fine example...

...for LUNATICS to follow.

Eccentric Lawmaker Says War Against Georgia Is Only Solution

Russia should occupy Georgia before the unruly ex-Soviet republic ever joins NATO, a senior Russian lawmaker and leader of an ultra-nationalist party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, told a news conference on Monday.

The only effective solution to what he called “the Georgian issue” is the military attack on Tbilisi, Zhirinovsky is convinced.

We should follow the example set by the U.S. and clamp down on Georgia, just as the Americans did with Iraq, depose the local Saddam Hussein, throw all the allies of Saakashvili into FSB prison cells, and then call a free democratic election in Georgia,” chairman of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) noted.

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cowgirl4peace said...

It's a small world...damn tubes! I recognized your blog name when I was wandering around T&T2 (I used to post there as TB) and realized I'd seen it somewhere on DK where I post now. *Boggle*

You can delete this comment and carry on now...that was just a weird coincidence to me!