Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A gaggle of morons

In the press gaggle, Tony Snow decides to demonstrate, once again, that these people are clueless and don't learn.

Q Here we are in 2006 operating on the assumption, as the government is, that, in fact, they tested a nuclear devise. So what went wrong?

MR. SNOW: I'm not sure anything went wrong.

He's not sure that anything went wrong? North Korea tests a nuclear device, and you morons think that maybe nothing went wrong?

What the hell would it look like if something HAD gone wrong?

And the fact that you think nothing went wrong, means, of course, that you see no reason to do differently. Failure just breeds more failure.

SNOW: The failed diplomacy is on the part of the North Koreans because what they have done so far is turn down a series of diplomatic initiatives that would have given them everything they have said they wanted, which was the ability to have adequate power for their country, to have economic growth, to have diplomatic ties with other countries, and to have security guarantees.

Yeah, joke's on them. Those stupid North Koreans just didn't realize how GOOD we wanted to be to them, and now they lose: they went and got a nuke, silly people.

Somebody kick these lunatics out of the White House and replace them with someone who tries to solve problems instead of someone who shuts his eyes, and pretends that he make no mistakes.

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