Monday, October 02, 2006

The parrot is DEAD, dammit

You know what drives me crazy about the clowns in the White House? They simply deny what you are seeing with your own eyes, and stick to it.

Now they are countering Woodward's book by claiming (ready?) that Bush TOLD us all how dire the situation in Iraq was.

It's not that it's bullshit. It's that we all KNOW that it's bullshit; they KNOW we all know it's bullshit; and they look us in the eyes and say it anyway. They lie right to your face. You know it. They know it. They don't care.

I guess we were all just a pack of morons, and just didn't notice that Bush has been telling us how BAD thing were. Silly us. We thought he was saying "Mission Accomplished" and "Turning a corner" and all that crap. However did we miss it?

It's like arguing with someone in an asylum. Or with someone who keeps telling you that the damned parrot is just sleeping.

"In fact, [Bush aide Dan Bartlett says], he references throughout the book time after time after time where the president was being presented with the bad information, was pushing the internal process to make sure we were adapting to the enemy, and he was sharing this news with the American people."

Funny that no one actually remembers him "sharing this news with the American People." We are supposed to believe this from a guy who was actually SO DETERMINE TO HIDE THE COST that he placed a news blackout on flag-draped coffins?

The book also contains a major bombshell:

Bartlett also took issue with the book's assertion that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser, failed to take action after CIA Director George Tenet warned her on July 10, 2001, of intelligence pointing toward an impending Al Qaeda attack.

One problem: the 9/11 Commission didn't know about this meeting. Now they claim that Woodward has exagerrated it. But exagerrated or not, what's the excuse for not letting 9/11 Commission know about it's existence? If the meeting was innocuous, why was it kept secret?

BTW, I like this:

Card also said that it is an "overstatement" to say that First Lady Laura Bush joined any effort to oust Rumsfeld, as reported in the book. Her office has denied the assertion.

Notice: he doesn't say that Laura Bush WASN'T in favor of ousting Rumsfield, just that she didn't "join" an effort to do so.

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