Monday, June 12, 2006

Training Iraqis

"President Bush said Friday that it's not clear that Iraqi forces will be able to take control of their country's security within 18 months as the new leader there has said." - AP

How long have we been there? 4 years?

We aren't sure that SIX YEARS is long enough to train Iraqi soldiers?

American Boot Camp is TWO MONTHS. Followed by maybe another year before deployment. Iraqis need six years?

Odd, isn't it, that Iraqis are such HORRIBLE soldiers that we can't get them trained in six years, but the Iraqis who are soldiers on the OTHER side seem good enough to fight US. How strange. How come the Iraqis who are AGAINST us seem to be trained just fine?

I don't think Bush WANTS these guys trained, He'd have to stop his precious little war, which is the only thing that makes him feel like a man.

Either that or he's the most incompetent Commander-In-Chief EVER.

Or both.

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