Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jenna is leaving us.

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For a teaching job in Latin America.

First daughter Jenna Bush, who for the past year and a half taught third grade at Washington's Mount Pleasant charter school, is going to leave the nation's capital and continue her teaching career in Latin America, reports The Washington Post.

Now I've always said that Jenna Bush may be the only member of the family I LIKE. I thought of her as a pretty teenager, running all over Austin getting shit-faced. How could you not like that? If GWB was MY father, I'd be hitting the bottle pretty hard, too.

I like to think that she's heading to Latin America to get the hell out of HERE, because she knows better than anybody what sort of frigging lunatic her old man is.

So, here's to Jenna:

Lots of good material.

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Jameson FontE said...

Now i wouldnt mind boneing her..

even from behind would be alright