Friday, June 09, 2006

China Bans 'Code' After Warning From Catholics

I know a lot of Roman Catholics who must find this terribly embarrassing:

BEIJING, June 9 — Chinese authorities ordered theaters nationwide to stop showing "The Da Vinci Code" today after Chinese Catholics warned that the film could threaten social stability.

Great: Communist China agrees with the Catholics about censoring something.

I have no intention of seeing the thing: the movie is supposed to suck, and I had a low opinion of it before that. But what total stupidity.

UPDATE: An online friend has told me the following about the above:

"As to its being embarrassing to Catholics, you do know there is an official Chinese "Catholic" church, which they cite whenever it's convenient, and which has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic church which real Chinese Catholics belong to.

Genuine Catholics in China, BTW, are exceedingly careful not to agitate about anything as long as they're allowed to practice their religion in peace. The persecutions of the past are still too fresh in their minds for them to protest anything unless it's vital. I suspect the official "Catholics" are the ones being referred to." - D.M.

No, actually, I did not know that, and, if accurate, completely changes the statement I made above.

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