Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Great point.

Jon Stewart (sadly, the best commentator in America is actually a comedian) beat Bill Bennett soundly about the head and shoulders when Bennet tried to attack gays. Stewart's first point is one that I've made any number of times, and I wish others would point it out. But his last sentence is new, and perfect. Crooks and Liars has the video. Below is a rough transcript.

Stewart: So why not encourage gay people to join in in that family arrangement if that is what provides stability to a society?

Bennett: Well I think if people are already members of families...

Stewart: What? (almost spitting out his drink)

Bennett: They're sons and they're daughters..

Stewart: So that's where the buck stops, that's the gay ceiling.

Bennett: Look, it's a debate about whether you think marriage is between a man and a women.

Stewart: I disagree, I think it's a debate about whether you think gay people are part of the human condition or just a random fetish.

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