Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Religious Left is Right

Here's something to get behind, and I intend to in a large way.

The mainstream media - you know, those wild liberals - have consistently REFUSED to run ads made by groups of the religious left, like the United Church of Christ.

The details are here, from Street Prophets.

You probably remember when the UCC tried to air an ad showing that they refuse nobody admittance to church. CBS refused to run it, despite having NO problem running garbage by religious right hate groups like James Dobson and Focus on the Family. And the UCC has a new ad, and ABC refuses to run it.

This is blatant discrimination.

The UCC is teaming up with Media Matters. They are starting a letter-writing campaign (here), demanding that ABC start including mainline religious leaders on the Sunday Talk Shows, and not just clowns like Pat Robertson.

They also have a (great) new commercial that they are trying to air and more information here.

Frankly, I have had this sort of crap up to here. This is blatant religious discrimination, and the forcable silencing of mainstream Christianity. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of so many people getting the impression that the only Christians in this country are right-wing loonies. It's time it stopped, and, as of now, I'm DEMANDING that it stop.

I'm calling ABC, I'm writing ABC, and if I have to scream my fool head off to get them to listen, I will.

If they keep refusing to air legitimate ads of some groups while running the ads of other groups, the UCC should sue them into oblivion, and I hope they do. This is a REAL war on Christians.

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