Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ok - so MESS with Texas

"Texas - where men are men and DeLay is nervous."

There is a primary in Texas today. It will be interesting to see the result, and see if disgust with Bush has even reached the epicenter of Bushiness.

Everybody's favorite crooked politician, Tom DeLay, is being primaried by three challengers. He is expected to get the most votes, but NOT 50%, which means he has to have a runoff against one person where he is very likely to lose. One can always hope.

So, what is DeLay doing on election night, as a way to dispel the stench of corruption of lobbyists' money?

He's going to a fundraiser for himself, given by two Washington lobbyists.

You decide: Clueless, or brazen, or both?

Well, what can you expect from a guy who flies to his own arraignment on a corporate jet owned by R.J. Reynolds?

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