Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bodies found garroted in Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The bodies of 18 men, bound, blindfolded and strangled, were found in a Sunni Arab district of Baghdad, apparent victims of sectarian turmoil gripping Iraq and threatening the formation of a coalition government.

That damn liberal media! Why don't they focus on all the Iraqis who WEREN'T strangled to death yesterday? And the Vice-President has gone two weeks without shooting somebody in the face, and they don't even MENTION it!


And what about all the people who weren't taken hostage by gunmen in camouflage uniforms? How come the media doesn't talk about THAT?

Uniformed Gunmen Take 50 Hostages In Baghdad
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Gunmen in camouflage uniforms stormed the offices of a private security company Wednesday and kidnapped as many as 50 employees, police reported.

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