Monday, December 19, 2005

Just a theory

I have been thinking.

It is BIZARRE that Bush didn't get clearance for his eavesdropping from the FISA courts. The FISA courts are set up so you can get clearance after the fact. And they almost never turn down a request. They didn't turn down a single request in the first three years of Bush's presidency.

So why didn't Napoleon Bonehead get clearance?

At first I thought that it was because Bush can't stand the idea that he has to answer to ANYone. He wouldn't get clearance because he'd be having a private little hissy fit over the fact that he couldn't just do any damned thing he pleased. So he'd just refuse, because he's a spoiled brat. But that really doesn't quite sound right.

If Bush didn't ask for clearance, the simplest explanation is because he thought it would be REFUSED.

A FISA court almost never refuses a request, but Bush apparently thought that they would refuse his.

Which means that he WASN'T spying on people that could reasonably be considered a real threat, and he knew it.

I think Bush used the FSA to spy on his perceived political enemies - not terrorists.

Which would explain why he didn't ask for clearance.

And I think Congress should demand the names of every single person that Bush spied on without clearance.

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Sharon said... may be on to something here.