Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phat Tacks

This is making me dislike Paterson, too:

Governor Paterson proposes 'Obesity Tax,' a tax on non-diet sodas

ALBANY - A can of Coke could soon cost New Yorkers more than just calories.

Gov. Paterson, as part of a $121 billion budget to be unveiled Tuesday, will propose an "obesity tax" of about 15% on nondiet drinks.

This means a Diet Coke might sell for a $1 - even as the same size bottle of its calorie-rich alter ego would go for $1.15.

Aside from the fact that I'm generally opposed to "sin taxes" enyway, this is just STUPID. Doesn't Paterson realize that some people are skinny? What, is a skinny guy supposed to drink diet soda or get charged more? What about people who struggle to keep their weight up? They get penalized? Obesity is a problem, but is NOT something where one size fits all.

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