Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroline Kennedy is a celebrity

So say the New York Republicans:

Caroline Kennedy, who has placed her name in contention as a replacement for Sen. Hillary Clinton, was slammed by New York Republicans who view her as a "celebrity" without the qualifications necessary to function in Congress.

1) I hope Paterson doesn't pick her for a Senator. She really DOESN'T have the qualifications, and just has her name.

2) I have NO PATIENCE with people who chose Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate saying somebody ELSE is unqualified and just a celebrity.

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Brian H. Bragg said...

Sorry, Iggy, I can't agree. Caroline Kennedy has just what it takes to be a fine legislator. If she lacks anything, it is experience in the kind of spin and puffery it sometimes takes to get elected to public office in the age of instant media punditry. Read my blog entry, then e-mail me with your response, if you wish.
Brian Bragg