Monday, December 01, 2008

Holy crap, it's Hillary

I was waiting for the rumor to turn out to be just a rumor. But:

To make it possible for his wife to become the top U.S. diplomat, the officials said, former President Clinton agreed:

-to disclose the names of every contributor to his foundation since its inception in 1997 and all contributors going forward.

-to refuse donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Global Initiative, his annual charitable conference.

-to cease holding CGI meetings overseas.

-to volunteer to step away from day-to-day management of the foundation while his wife is secretary of state.

-to submit his speaking schedule to review by the State Department and White House counsel.

-to submit any new sources of income to a similar ethical review.

For the Big Dog to agree to all that, getting the job must have been very important to both him and Hillary. They're supposed to announce Obama's appointments officially within the next half an hour.

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