Monday, December 22, 2008

If you say so, Dick

WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday vigorously defended the White House’s use of broad executive powers during the last eight years, saying he believed that historians would ultimately look favorably on the Bush administration’s efforts to keep the nation safe.

The frightening thing isn't that the poor failure is hoping that Future Historians will declare that shit smells like flowers, the frightening thing is that he flat out claims that there is no limit to Executive Power during wartime.

And, of course, we no longer need Congress to declare war. We've fought the last FOUR wars without Congress declaring one of them.

So all a President has to do is go to war - unilaterally - and he instantly assumes the powers of a dictator, according to Cheney.

That's frightening. And it's frightening that we actually had such a fascist as our Number Two (no pun intended) for eight years.

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Luba said...

See last week's Tom the Dancing Bug at Salon. Bush legacy vindicated by future historians..........