Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to cut funding

The troops are asking us to.

Washington — Congress should look at cutting off funding for the Iraq war if Senate efforts to change the role of U.S. troops in the battlefield fail, Sen. Ken Salazar said today.

Salazar, a Colorado Democrat, previously has not supported Congress using its ability to stop war payments in order to force President Bush to change direction.

While in Iraq over the weekend, Salazar said, some servicemen and women told him that they wanted Congress to cut off funding

You know, the Republicans try to create this totally ludicrous picture that if the war is defunded, it means the soldiers are still going to be sent into battle, they'll just have to fight with rocks and clubs. No. If it's defunded, it means Bush is going to have to do what the American people want, and stop this useless, foolish destructive war that has done nothing for America but harm.

It's time to stop hurting America; and it's time the Democrats stop enabling a lunatic who is hellbent on hurting America.

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