Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is it incompetence or corruption?

You know it's one of them. Probably both.

Defense, Homeland Security can’t pass audits
Disorganized records leave big-budget agencies vulnerable to waste, fraud

"Ten years after Congress ordered federal agencies to have outside auditors review their books, neither the Defense Department nor the newer Department of Homeland Security has met even basic accounting requirements, leaving them vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse.

"An Associated Press review shows that the two departments’ financial records are so disorganized and inconsistent that they have repeatedly earned “disclaimer” opinions, meaning that they simply cannot be fully audited.

“It means we really can’t put any faith in the numbers they use,” said Ross Rubenstein, who teaches public administration at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School."

I honestly wonder if this is by design, to make it easy to COMMIT fraud. "Ooops. Sorry. We have no records."

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