Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush has a plan

As God is my witness, that's what he says. With a straight face. Well, no more of a smirk than usual, at least.

"President Bush will use his Oval Office address Thursday to offer what an aide calls a “plan for success in Iraq” that dovetails with the numerical drawdown advised by Army Gen. David Petraeus, aides said."

Gee whiz, after only four years of abject failure, he's come up with a PLAN. I'm certainly resting easier. How about you?

By the way, that "drawdown"? Even if accuate, it leaves 135,000 troops. Same as the pre-surge numbers. No change.

Bush has no damned idea what he's doing, and is too damned egotistical to admit it.

If he had any honor, he'd resign after such a monumental failure, and after doing such damage to America. He should obey the will of the American People and resign.

America's best days may now be BEHIND her. We may never recover from the harm that Bush has done to this great nation, and it's that jackass's fault. Because he thought he knew everything when he knew NOTHING, and governed with his ego instead of his brain. And didn't care about a damned thing but lining his cronies' pockets.

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