Monday, September 24, 2007


Well, the maniacal Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia today. Everyone was HORRIFIED that he was speaking - and it turns out that (shocking news) the Free Speech Is A Good Idea.

He said what he had to say. They said what they had to say. And he looked like a total ass. And loonie, foolish, intolerant total ass.

Here's a few lines from Columbia University's President, Lee Bollinger, during the introduction of Ahmadinejad today:

"Mr. President, you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator."

On Ahmadinejad's questioning whether the holocaust happened: "You are either brazenly provocative or stunningly uneducated." (Loud applause from the audience)

"Frankly and in all candor, Mr. President, I doubt that you will have the intellectual courage to answer these questions. But your avoiding them will have meaning for us."

The best moment came when he claimed that they do not have homosexuals in Iran - and the whole audience laughed in his face.

Watch it:

Game. Set. Match. Kumbaya-singing left-wingers at Columbia University.

Columbia appears to have sandbagged him. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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