Friday, April 20, 2007

"This War Is Lost"

Harry Reid said that.

I am consistently struck by how thoroughly out of touch the right-wingers are. The cyberspace scuttlebutt and blog-based blather coming from the right-wing is that Reid and Democrats will suffer enormously because Reid said that, and it shows what horrible traitors those nasty Democrats are. Tom Tancredo (R-Raving Nutjob) says that Reid should be held responsible for every soldier that dies.

They actually believe that. Never mind that it's obviously completely insane, they believe it. They actually don't realize that the vast majority of Americans think that this war was lost months ago, and are breathing a sigh of relief that somebody in power actually said what the whole damned country is saying, and pushed Washington, D.C., into the real world. And the vast majority of Americans believe the morons who keep sending soldiers into a lost war for no good reason are the ones responsible for their deaths.

The right-winger nuts actually think that you only lose if you ADMIT you lost.

But little kids think that way. Not grownups.

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