Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Senate will pass the bill

WASHINGTON - The Senate is expected to pass a bill today that would order the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq to begin this fall. Last night, the House voted 218-208 to pass the $124.2 billion supplemental spending measure containing the provision.

Bush will veto it; and let him. And then send it back.

Every bill the Democrats send should fund the troops; require full training and full funding for armor and equipment; and have a withdrawal date. Not only is it right, the people are foursquare behind all of those things, and the veto just makes Bush look more and more out of touch.

WASHINGTON - As the Democrat-controlled Congress and the White House clash over an Iraq spending bill, with President Bush vowing to veto it because it contains withdrawal deadlines, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that a solid majority of Americans side with the Democrats.....

Yet the poll shows that 56 percent say they agree more with the Democrats in Congress who want to set a deadline for troop withdrawal, versus the 37 percent who say they agree with Bush that there shouldn't be a deadline.

What's more, 55 percent believe that victory in Iraq isn't possible. And 49 percent say the situation in Iraq has gotten worse in the last three months since Bush announced his so-called troop surge. Thirty-seven percent say the situation has stayed about the same, and just 12 percent think it has improved.

12 per cent are buying the bullshit that the situation is improving. About the same number that say they like Dick Cheney.

I think Typhoid Mary polls higher than that.

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