Friday, April 20, 2007

Tag. I'm it. Dammit.

As you may have read in the comments, the infamous Jordan Bailey, Artisan for Artisan's sake, decided to tag me. So now I have to tag 5 other hapless victims. Not necessarily political. And smaller ones, of course. I read kos all the time, but I'd be a moron to tag him.

John McCay, also known as archy the cockroach. Left-wing politics and art by George Herriman. I can't imagine who that reminds me of.

James Benjamin at Left End of the Dial. He rouses the rabble whether they want to be roused or not.

Iggy Junior, of course. Not only does he deserve it, but how could I not? And maybe being tagged will nudge him to post more.

Out of the political swamps and to more personal blogs, Li Mortacci Tua; the diary of a weird Italian lady in Georgia.

The Woman At The Well. Getcher liberal lady priest here. One who can really write.

And I'm breaking protocol, and adding a sixth, so I can tag Jordan back. For one thing, because I can; and for another, because I hope takes a break from conquering to art world post a little more on Nothing Matters, And What If It Did? again.

Happy Friday.

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Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Hey, this is Sandra Eileen, the 50% less annoying one that Jordan mentioned, thanks for clueing me into her other blog. Oh, the secrets we keep.