Friday, April 13, 2007

The dog pissed on my hard drive

The scandal of the missing emails (DogAte) seems to have hit the mainstream media, now that the Imus silliness is out of the way. Leahy, God bless him, called them on it, and pointed out that emails don't disappear.

But this reaches new heights of insanity, even for the Bushes:

The clash also seemed to push the White House and Democrats closer to a serious confrontation over executive privilege, with the White House counsel, Fred F. Fielding, asserting that the administration has control over countless other e-mail messages that the Republican National Committee has archived. Democrats are insisting that they are entitled to get the e-mail messages directly from the national committee.

The White House is claiming that the RNC's emails are covered under executive privilege? How does that work exactly?

Is the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY covered under executive privilege?

It looks to me like that statement is an admission that the RNC account WASN'T just used for campaign purposes, but for official government business.

When do we start impeachment proceedings?

And I don't think the Congress should tolerate the White House "trying to find them." They should subpoena the computers in question, and conduct their OWN attempt at finding them.

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