Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bye, Joe.

American Citizens, absurdly behaving as though they actually have a voice in things, have demanded that Lieberman be stripped of Democratic Party affiliation, citing an unimportant thing known as "the law."

Lieberman says that expecting him to obey the law is a "dirty trick."

"The law is pretty clear he is no longer a member of the Democratic Party in good standing," said group leader Henry Lowendorf. "There was an open vote, and he was voted out. He joined a different party."

Ferrucci said she would research the request, the first of its kind in her two decades on the job.

Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown branded the effort "dirty political tricks at its worst."

Per the intrepid Chris Bowers, the group is dead right, the law is dead clear, whether Lieberman thinks it's a "dirty trick" or not.

Check out the statute for yourself:
Prima facie evidence supporting discretionary erasure or exclusion. Enrollment in any other political party or organization, active affiliation with any other political party or organization, knowingly being a candidate at any primary or caucus of any other party or political organization, or being a candidate for office under the designation of another party or organization, within a period of two years prior to the date of the notice as provided in section 9-60 shall be prima facie evidence that any elector committing any such act is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, and does not intend to support the principles or candidates of the party upon the enrollment list of which his name appears or in which his application for enrollment is pending; and, upon reasonable proof of the commission of any one of such acts, the name of any such elector may be stricken or excluded from such list and such erasure or exclusion shall be effective for a period of two years from the date of any such act. The same procedure as to notice to appear thereon, return and hearing shall be followed as provided in section 9-60. If, after full hearing, such registrar and chairman or party member or such deputy registrar and chairman or party member, as the case may be, find that the name of any such elector has been wrongfully or improperly stricken or excluded from such list, such name shall be forthwith placed upon the enrollment list.

Poor Joe. He's ugly and he has a whiny voice and he has cooties and nobody likes him.

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