Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2500 Marines sent back

This is what happens
when you fight an indefensible war that no sane person wants.

"You can send Marines back for a third or fourth time, but you have to understand you are destroying their lives." - Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

It's time the Armed Forces - not just a bunch of bloggers - demanded that the 30% who are still idiotic enough to support this disaster sign the hell up so these Marines can GO HOME.

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Jiffy-Junkboy said...

There is an internal-contradiction in all democracies: its strengths are also its weaknesses. People essentially have the ability to undo democracy, because of democracy (see Plato's and Aristotle's criticisms of democracy). Our best-example for the fall of a democracy is the one we know best: Athenian democracy. It was because of the First Peloponessian war and the formation of the Delian League, that democracy crumbled in Athens. Once a legitimate-force in fighting the Persians (sound familiar?), it was misused by the oligarchs for imperialism. There was a misguided Sicilian-campaign, and others, until eventually the treasury was drained. Nuff-said. Reason had been abandoned, as it has now.
PS: I agree-if you think this war is so valuable, enlist.