Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Woe to you who are rich - you have already received your reward."

I think one reason that Democrats are often befuddled by Republicans is because we really don't get just how utterly malevolent some of these people are. And then you see something that reminds you.

Rich Little performed at the inaugural ball, and here's from the Washington Post, spotlighted by David Corn:

"Little said he missed and adored the late President Ronald Reagan and "I wish he was here tonight, but as a matter of fact he is," and he proceeded to impersonate Reagan, saying, "You know, somebody asked me, 'Do you think the war on poverty is over?' I said, 'Yes, the poor lost.' " The crowd went wild."

That isn't something I made up: those are the real Republicans. Laughing their heads off about defeating poor people while indulging in gluttonous excess at a fancy party.

And most of them probably claimed to be Christians.

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