Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Who? Me?

President Bush on Wednesday ordered his Cabinet secretaries not to hire columnists to promote their agendas after disclosure that a second writer was paid to tout an administration initiative.

The president said he expects his agency heads will "make sure that that practice doesn't go forward."

Bush said that he had NO IDEA it was happening. Knock him over with a feather. That nasty old cabinet - which, of course, he picked himself - just don't tell him shit. He doesn't know a damned thing about what's happening in his own cabinet until he reads about it in the newspaper, and it's turned into a scandal.

You'd think that would be a firing offense, wouldn't you?

Apparently, it doesn't even warrant a reprimand.

Unless he's lying of course, and he knew all about it.

You know my money is on the latter.

"All our Cabinet secretaries must realize that we will not be paying commentators to advance our agenda."

Then why were you?

"Our agenda ought to be able to stand on its own two feet."

It can't, George.

It can stink from its own rot, though.

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