Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Rice passes panel

Rice has passed the Senate panel. No surprises there. Two surprises:

1) Only two Democrats voted against her.

2) One of them was John Kerry.

Kerry has always been a Democrat who was part of the system, as opposed to being a maverick. So I was surprised - and gratified - that he joined Barbara Boxer (who has more balls than *I* have) as a voice of dissent. I would love to see him as a consistent voice of dissent. Unlike many of my fellow left-wing bloggers, I refuse to trash John Kerry for losing an election.

But only two voted against it? Why? Is it some sort of unwritten rule that Democrats must confirm Bush's choices unless they've done something specifically disqualifying - like an ax-murder or something?

The Democrats believe - almost to a person, I think - that Condoleeza Rice has done an atrocious job as National Security Adviser. They need more than that? You've done a bad job. Therefore you don't get promoted. Just like every other job in the entire world. But apparently, they don't think general incompetence and routine dishonesty is enough of a negative.

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