Thursday, November 18, 2004

Surprise, surprise

The Bush administration has made a rosy prediction about Iraq, and it's turned out not to be true.

How UNUSUAL. THAT'S never happened before.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The recapture of Fallujah has not broken the insurgents' will to fight and may not pay the big dividend U.S. planners had hoped — to improve security enough to hold national elections in Sunni Muslim areas of central Iraq, according to U.S. and Iraqi assessments.

Instead, the battle for control of the Sunni city 40 miles west of Baghdad has sharpened divisions among Iraq's major ethnic and religious groups, fueled anti-American sentiment and stoked the 18-month-old Sunni insurgency.

Have ANY of this crew's predictions about Iraq panned out?

ANY of them?

And Bush seems bent on only having yes-men for advisers. People who will tell him that's he's never made a single mistake. When, inreality, he hasn't done a single thing RIGHT.

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