Monday, November 08, 2004

Never Give Up That Ship

Over at MyDd, Jerome Armstrong points out that the right-wing seems slightly befuddled that we don't seem to be even SLIGHTLY inclined to just roll over and die.

What they don't realize is that we don't give up because we are RIGHT.

I am VERY disappointed, of course, but curiously, I have seldom been more at peace with myself after an election in my whole life.

In almost all of the others, I voted for one guy over the other, but wasn't ever certain that I'd made the right decision. I was just doing the best I can, and if my side lost I'd think, "Well, I lost - but perhaps I was wrong and it was for the best. Perhaps the new president will do well."

But this time, I don't feel that way at ALL.

I'm proud that I voted for John Kerry, and I will be proud that I voted for John Kerry when I die.

I am certain of that.

I know for a stone fact that I used my vote for what was best for my country, and I know for a stone fact that history will vindicate that vote.

I also know for a stone fact that four years from, it will be obvious to nearly everyone that the wrong man won.

This has been the clearest and most obvious choice I have ever seen in a Presidential election. I fear for my country that so many of my fellow citizens could possibly make a choice that was so OBVIOUSLY a bad one. But thank God, whatever happens I'm not one of the deluded.

Give up? Why would you give up when truth, righteousness, justice, decency and history are on your side?

Keep fighting. The truth shall set them free.

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