Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Why not?

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean is considering a bid to become chairman of the national Democratic Party.

The 240 members of the Democratic National Convention will elect a new chair early next year. Several names are already being mentioned, including former Clinton aide Harold Ickes; Donna Brazile, who ran Al Gore's presidential campaign, and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.

Dean has been outspoken since the beginning of his presidential bid in saying that the Democratic Party must establish a separate and unique identity from Republicans.

Howard Dean is actually a pretty good choice - considerably better than anyone else on that list, at least. He's a fighter. He's a moderate. He knows what he believes and why he believes it. He understands that Democrats can't just "me, too" the Republicans and expect to succeed. And he was one of the few with the sense and the independence to vote against the Iraq war in the first place. Which means he can spend the next four years forcefeeding Bush's folly right down his throat.

The new Chairman won't be chosen for a couple of months, but we will see.

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