Friday, November 14, 2008

We're chumps, too.

You have probably heard that AIG - after being bailed out by the taxpayer - gave $503 million dollars in bonuses to their executives.

Elijah Cummings (D-Has Spine) tore into Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and "bailout czar" Neel Kashkari and called him a chump (well, he asked if he was one, but it was a rhetorical question):

"I’m just wondering how you feel about an AIG giving $503 million worth of bonuses on the one hand, and accepting $154 billion from hard-working taxpayers. You know, because I’m trying to make sure you get it. What really bothers me is all these other people who are lined up. They say, well, is Kashkari a chump?

"I wouldn’t want to be asking my friend for some money to stay afloat....Then my friend, who can barely afford to go to McDonald’s sees me in a restaurant costing $150 a meal. There’s absolutely something wrong with that picture!" exclaimed Cummings.

Watch it. The look on Kashkari's face is priceless:

The freaky thing is that they DON'T get it. They see absolutely nothing wrong with holding up the taxpayers with tales of financial woe, and then taking $100-million-dollar bonus with the money.

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