Monday, November 17, 2008

The lobbyist from hell.

Holy crap.

Gilbert Genn is a lobbyist. A Democratic lobbyist. He's also thoroughly insane.

This guy was leaving his house to go walk his dog and the next thing you know a deer attacked him. A buck. Stabbed him in the crotch with his antlers. Repeatedly. OPENED A WOUND. In the groin.

So you know what he did, right?

He closed the wound with a paper binder clip and went lobbying. Met with the Speaker of the Maryland House.

"There was no way I could miss this meeting," Genn said.

Uh, yeah, I guess not. Obviously, a meeting with the Pope has nothing on a meeting with the Speaker of the Maryland House.

"Not to get too partisan, but I'm convinced it was a Republican deer, because it happened right where we had our Obama sign. And all the deer could do was attack, attack, attack. So it had to be a Republican deer."

He did get himself to a hospital AFTER the meeting. What a pansy, eh?

I suppose it's a good thing that he's a Democrat, since it's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in. But a guy who thinks a lobbying meeting is more important than his dick should probably be checked out. Quickly.

I mean, what the hell is he? The Democrats' G. Gordon Liddy?

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