Monday, November 10, 2008

Dean is stepping down

Sic transit governor mundi, and all that.

Remember when some people said that Howard Dean was doing a TERRIBLE job as head of the DNC as though it was an established fact?

Remember when some people said that the 50-state strategy was silly, and the Democrats would be better off ignoring whole regions of the country to focus on a few swing states? Do you hear anybody say that anymore?

The Democrats have done nothing but win since he's been in charge, and you'll still hear some idiots say he's done a bad job, because they don't like this thing or that thing. Ignoring little details like the fact that he's WON.

Well, he always said he'd only serve one term. Sorry to see him go. I hope whoever takes his place was paying attention.

Good job, Governor Dean.


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jordan bailey said...

And the Dean Scream only made me like him more.