Thursday, September 18, 2008

One more reason the press drives me crazy

Wandering around the news today, I've seen two references to the concept that voters want a guy they feel like they'd like to have a beer with. That's a commonplace. I've probably said it myself.

And it's horseshit. It suddenly occurred to me that that asinine concept is entirely the invention of the Beltway Press Corps. Think about it: Has any VOTER ever actually SAID that that's his or her voting criterion? Of course not. Well, gee, then it's pretty damned insulting to assume that it is, isn't it? The press made it up on the basis of their opinion about what voters are like. And they have a VERY low opinion of voters.

It's the sort of looking-glass thinking that we've come to expect from our mentally confused pundits. It you don't act like a guy some imaginary voters want to have a beer with, you're an elitist. When the whole damned IDEA that that's what voters want is incredibly elitist, and the invention of beltway elitists, who look down there noses at normal, working men and women.

By their bizarre criteria, you're an elitist if you DON'T condescend to voters.

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