Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lies - that's not the kind of change we can believe in, my friends.

If you are actually surprised at John McCain's blatant lying, you shouldn't be: it's nothing new. He has not only done it again and again, he has ADMITTED lying for pure political ambition:

Q- "There was a political issue, a local issue about whether the Confederate Flag should fly over the Capital".

McCain- "Umm hmm"

Q- "You waffled on that"

McCain- "Yes. Worse than that"

Q- "What do you mean?"

McCain- "Well, I said that it was strictly a state issue clearly knowing that it wasn't"

Q- "That's not what you believed in your heart?"

McCain- "No"

Q- "What did you believe in your heart?"

McCain- "That it was a symbol to many, a very offensive symbol to many Americans"

Q- "Why did you say that?"

McCain- "I'm sure for all the wrong reasons"

Q- "And those wrong reasons would be?"

McCain- "For ambition"

Q- "For ambition"?

McCain- "Sure"

That, and other lies, chronicled here:

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