Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama raises money! That's NOT FAIR!

John McCain has gone bonkers once again. This time, he's in a state of SHEER SHOCK and ANGER because Barack Obama had a fund-raiser and - gasp! - RAISED FUNDS.

"Talk about siding with the people, siding with the people just before he flew off to Hollywood for a fundraiser with Barbra Streisand and his celebrity friends."

At least he isn't bribing reporters with chicken wings, Johnny.

But see? They won't stop, because they don't learn. McCain got a nice bump because people were curious about Palin - and then squandered it with crap like this. Lies and lipstick, and the rest of that vacuous, insulting-to-the-voters'-intelligence garbage.

That crap made them stall - but they didn't learn from it. So now, the NEW piece of phony indignation is "Ohhhhhh! He raised funds in HOLLYWOOD! Pass the smelling salts!"

And while the Republicans are wasting our time with worthless garbage like that, Barack Obama is doing THIS:

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