Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rudy. Law and Order. 9/11.

Hated by cops and firemen.

MANHATTAN. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who has built his run for the White House on cutting city crime and his handling of 9/11, won’t receive an endorsement from the union representing the city’s 30,000 police officers, its president [Patrick Lynch] said yesterday.

“Giuliani’s ‘zeroes for heroes’ contracts held police pay stagnant while all the other local departments in the metro area were getting modest but steady raises,” Lynch’s statement continued. “Today, there are simply not enough NYPD police officers to keep this city safe and it is his fault.”

“Giuliani has wrapped himself firmly in the cloak of 9/11 for his own political purposes,” Lynch said. “But the real heroes of 9/11, those who helped to evacuate those towers and lived to tell the tale and all those who participated in the recovery and cleanup, know the truth. ... The New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association could never support Rudy Giuliani for any elected office.”

Gee, Rudy, how come the REAL heroes of 9/11 think that you're just full of hot gas?

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