Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Don't do Ron Ron

Ron Paul just generated tons of buzz for himself by raising a carload of cash. It isn't all that surprising, though: his supporters are extremely enthusiastic and cohesive. When there is something to be done, like vote in an online poll or send some money, they ALL do it. Probably half his support comes from 9/11 "truthers" - and nothing gets the old blood pumping like a good conspiracy theory.

But despite the fuss, I think he's likely to be like Howard Dean - get lots of excitement, but not do well in the actual primary. If you'll recall, Dean set all kinds of money-raising records, and generated massive excitement, too.

That said, some people like Paul because he's against the Iraqi war. Many, many Republicans are, but he's the only Republican candidate who is, and all those Republicans need someone who is sane about the most pressing issue of the day. And he's basically honest - which, in the current crop of GOP candidates is actually unique. His ideas might be nutty, but at least he doesn't bullshit about what they are.

But I don't know if people are aware of HOW right-wing he is. His stance on the Iraq War makes people think he's sort of centrist, and BOY, he isn't centrist: We are talking about someone who never outgrew Ayn Rand. Paul's economic ideas went out with the Gilded Age, and he is as extreme right-wing economically as it's possible to be. If elected, he would end the war (good), but royally screw up everything else. Gut the Government, destroy any safety net, sell America to the corporations, and devil take the hindmost.

Somebody should ask him if he thinks Yellowstone should be privatized, because I'll bet his answer is "yes."

And can't you just hear it? "But...but...Yellowstone is a national treasure! And it's beautiful! And a private corporation will ruin it and pave it over so they can put up hotels!"

"Yeah and? Who needs bears in Yellowstone? We'll drive out the bears and build a shopping mall - and that shopping mall will have STATUES of bears! GOOD statues, too!"

I swear, that's Ron Paul.

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