Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Remember, last week Gonzales assured us all that the attorney firings were politically motivated. Now, he seems to be saying that they MIGHT be:

“Can you be certain that none of these U.S. Attorneys were put on that list [to be fired] for improper reasons?” - NBC News’ Pete Williams

“If I find out that, in fact, any of these decisions were motivated, the recommendations to me were motivated for improper reasons to interfere with the public corruption case, there will be swift and — there will be swift and decisive action. I can assure you that.” - Gonzales

Looks like somebody pointed out to the poor clown that "I have no involvement in the firings" and "I can assure you that they weren't fired for political reasons" are contradictory statements.

And everybody knows that the whole thing was done at Bush's orders.

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