Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"I cannot tell a lie - HE did it!"

"Kyle Sampson, Gonzales's chief of staff who was responsible for carrying out the firings, quit last night. The attorney general said today that Sampson failed to keep officials at the department properly informed about the process, leading Gonzales and other officials to provide inaccurate information to Congress." - Bloomberg

Do you BELIEVE the sheer brazenness of these clowns? "I didn't REALLY lie under oath, the guy who just quit didn't tell me."

THAT'S what he says in the SAME SPEECH where he claims to accept responsibility.

Holy crap. Does Gonzales actually expect any sane person to believe that his Chief of Staff was making plans with the White House, and didn't tell him? How about the White House? Do they ALSO agree that they were making plans with Gonzales' COS, and kept him unaware of it?

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department laid out an elaborate, five-step plan for firing seven U.S. attorneys on Dec. 7.

Entitled, "Plan for Replacing Certain United States Attorneys," the step-by-step instructions were sent by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' chief of staff, Kyle Sampson...to Associate Attorney General William Mercer and White House officials William K. Kelley and Harriet Miers.

I think it's time Congress hauled Gonzales, Sampson, Kelley and Myers in to testify under oath.

Followed by Bush.

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