Friday, March 16, 2007

It's her turn

Valerie Plame is going to testify today.

She is going to say, that yes, you jackasses, of COURSE I was undercover. She was, in fact, a NOC ("no official cover"). That means that if she was caught, she was screwed - the CIA would deny knowing anything about her. That's the highest level of cover.

Don't expect the testimony to change the mind of the right-wing morons, though. They have been lying to each other for so long ("she was just a desk jockey!") that they actually believe their own lies, and they will be simply befuddled over the fact that no Republican on the hill was stupid enough to stand there and publicly repeat them.

But think about it: the President of the United States blew an American Spy's Cover - exposing her and everyone she had contact with to danger - for POLITICS.

And he's still in office? How, exactly, does such an action NOT warrant jail?

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