Tuesday, February 06, 2007

But don't let Janet Jackson show her tits.

I tend to comepletely ignore football, so I wasn't even there for the Superbowl. One reason I wish I watched was because Prince gave the halftime show, and by all accounts, he was terrific.

I WOULD post a video, but I'm at work, and playing Prince videos on my computer draws attention.

But anyway, apparently he decided to use the shadows to do this:


Don't you love the fact that the Powers That Be decided that Janet Jackson was too shocking - so they'd play it safe and get Prince instead?


Sharon said...

I love the Satanic overtones. I bet next year they go back to using Pat Boone types.

Iggy said...

I don't know. They seem to have suddenly figured out that Ashlee Simpson wasn't a REAL star, and figured that most people would be a tad more impressed with the Rolling Stones.