Friday, November 17, 2006

Reid: Stop campaign fraud

Reid and Schumer are drafting legislation to make it illegal to lie and commit blatant fraud to win an election. If you remember, the Republicans had machines do robo-calls to people that SEEMED like they came from Democrats, and were designed to irritate and anger voters. Also, attempts at voter intimidation, and lying.


Remember those abusive Republican robo-calls and the sample ballots that suggested -- falsely -- that Michael Steele is a Democrat? The soon-to-be Senate majority leader does, and he's prepared to do something about them.

In a breakfast meeting sponsored by the American Prospect, Harry Reid told reporters today that the calls and the phony campaign literature were "absolutely wrong," and that one of the first 10 bills he introduces in the next Senate will deal with such abuses. "We need to make these criminal penalties," Reid said, saying that civil liability was apparently not enough to deter what happened in the run-up to last week's election.

But the way, the "liberal" New York Times, still carrying water for the Republicans, characterizes lying, fraud, dirty tricks and intimidation as "negative campaign tactics." And they are clearly trying to downplay the severity of the Republicans' disgraceful behavior. Why would the liberal media do that?

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