Wednesday, November 29, 2006


America has two large problems.

One is terrorism. The other is the guy who is in the driver's seat charged with DEALING with terrorism

George W. Bush is a giant problem.

In times of crisis, George Bush is intent on creating MORE crises instead of solving the ones we already have.

And not only does he create crises over and over again - he pretends that everything is just FINE even while he is causing stuff to explode right and left.

He fails - and just keeps doing the same things that failed.

He has made EVERY decision for 6 years now. Every one. Look at the result. Disaster.

And the worst part is that after making EVERY decision, he thinks OTHER people should be responsible for the results.

How insane do you have to be - how stupid - to decide to START A WAR - and have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER for the occupation?

And then - surprised that starting a war, toppling a government and occupying a foreign country actually has major consequences - he stands there stupidly demanding that everybody ELSE figure out a way to clean up the mess he made.

When ALL of the decision that CREATED this horror - were HIS.

He's the "decider."

But he wants to be the "decider" - WITHOUT being responsible for the RESULTS.

That's not only nuts. It's dangerous.

And America can't afford to indulge that sort of shit. These REALLY ARE serious times, and we need a serious President - one who will actually THINK THINGS THROUGH, and one who actually has a sane understanding of the way things work.

Not one who just goes with his feelings and stands there befuddled when his feelings don't work out.

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